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You can actually make your own cat food?

*** Existing Customers Please Note ***

To clarify new products:

Better in the Raw for Cats is now:  Know Better for Cats - Beef Recipe

U-Stew for Cats is now:  Know Better for Cats - Beef Recipe (minus the enzymes).
With regard to enzymes, we have determined that it is most beneficial to add the digestive enzymes at the time of feeding, versus adding them to a batch of finished food.  When enzymes are included daily, they provide better bioavailability of nutrients and promote intestinal health.

We hope to have a digestive enzyme available to order for our Canadian customers soon!

Raw for Cats, chicken formula is now:  Know Better for Cats - Chicken Recipe

Homemade cat food can provide your cat with essential nutrients for optimum health and greater longevity. Our homemade cat food recipes are specific to all life stages - they are nutritionally complete, and no additional supplementation is necessary when used as suggested.

Cost to feed a cat with Know Better for Cats is about $0.85 per day including meat - 85% lean. Our cat food products are used for preparing raw or cooked cat food and are made with 100% human grade ingredients. Our grain-free cat food supplements are meant to be combined with water and raw or cooked meat in the appropriate proportions, found in our recipe.

** Please note that you can use either Premix with ANY type of meat.