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Dog Food

Making your own balanced and complete dog food at home can be easy.  

Our products are created to assist in preparing a nutritionally sound, balanced diet for our companion dogs and takes the guesswork out of trying to prepare a homemade diet from scratch. It simply requires the addition of water, raw or cooked meat, and optional vegetables, as outlined in our literature. For convenience, the finished product can frozen as individual portions for storage and thawed as needed.

The resulting food, prepared in accordance with instructions, is a complete and balanced diet for dogs of all ages. When feeding our products, no additional food or vitamin and mineral supplements of any kind are required. Treats, of course, are the exception.

Would you prefer to use raw or cooked meat?

Homemade Dog Food Recipes

Know Better for Dogs is designed to provide your dog with essential nutrients and protein for health and longevity. It makes balancing a raw or cooked meat diet at home, easy and convenient. Prescribed most often by Holistic Veterinarians. Easy to use, you just need to add raw or cooked meat & water.

More Information:

The cost to feed this wholefood diet is $1.25 - $1.50 per day for a 25lb dog (based on feeding 1/2lb.(8oz.) per day). Compare with premium canned dog food at $1.00 per can for 3.5 /4.0 oz.

In the USA, Know Better Pet Food products are manufactured and shipped from Washington state. Orders are shipped within 24-48 hrs by USPS Priority Mail. For Canadian and International customers we manufacture and ship from our facility in British Columbia, Canada.

We do not use products from rendering facilities, nor use any ingredients from large scale commercial pet food producers. Our product is always fresh and is carefully made under strict supervision using only the finest ingredients from the human food, health food, and pharmaceutical industries.

Know Better Pet Food was developed in accordance with the latest scientific research & A COMMON SENSE APPROACH TO HEALTHY LIVING.
We do no cruel animal testing!

Nutrients present in these fresh ingredients are easily absorbed, thereby helping to alleviate your pet from dietary influenced diseases that may be caused by commercial pet foods that may be deficient in key nutrients.