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Why Raw

Why Raw?

There are many benefits that come with feeding a balanced raw meat diet to dogs and cats.  

Some of the benefits you may observe:

•    Healthier skin & coat
•    No more ‘doggy’ smell
•    Weight control
•    Relief from ear infections, arthritis, and allergies
•    Struvite crystals & urinary tract infections can be avoided
•    Diabetes and thyroid conditions can be avoided
•    Increased energy
•    Cleaner teeth and gums
•    Less backyard clean up
•    Fewer veterinary bills
•    A happier best friend

A balanced raw meat diet can provide our beloved pets with ultimate nutrition for a life time.  Let`s go into more detail as to why:

Raw pet food diets are controversial. Handling raw meat can be a messy job and your preference may be to feed your companion something closer to what you would eat, but your needs and those of your dog or cat are completely different. Raw meat is the natural source of protein for both carnivorous and omnivorous animals. Protein is an amino acid, and an amino acid is a molecule.

Raw meat is made up of long molecule chains that are easily broken down by the dog's/cat's digestive system. The long molecule chain is broken into short chain amino acids through the cooking process, and the pet is left with a deficiency of a complete amino acid profile. Amino acids, essential nutrients, enzymes and antioxidants are destroyed or altered through the cooking process. These nutrients are absolutely vital to good health, and in fact are essential for every biochemical activity in your pet's body. The feeding of cooked or processed foods interferes with many of the body's normal functions, and therefore is responsible for impairing or otherwise compromising the immune system. When fat in the meat is cooked it transforms to trans-fats, which are toxic and have been found to have a detrimental effect on the immune system, cell membranes and liver function.